Dålig Förlorare (uppdatering)

Wow! Efter att ha publicerat nedanstående inlägg om The Sore Losers video och berättat det för Chris delar han snabbt med sig av lite foton och kommentarer om filminspelningen via mejl. Läs, titta och njut!

The video is directed by Toon Aerts. He directed two El Guapo Stuntteam videos and this is the second one for The Sore Losers. He’s a well known commercial director and photographer and long time friend of my brother Cedric (Sore Losers guitarplayer) and me.

This video Juvenile Heart Attack was shot in one day at a diner in Almere, Holland. It was shipped from the United States years ago. Now here’s something AMAZING! The interiour was also in the Sam Peckinpah movie Convoy, I got a big kick out of that one. That movie is following me everywhere. But that’s another story.

Besides the band we have called some friends such as Bart from Peter Pan Speedrock, Dikke Dennis (Fat Dennis), His driver Bart and Christophe Vaes, who plays bluesharp in EGST and the Sore Losers. The sheriff is played by Mungo Cornelisen, he starred in a great Belgian TV show called Super8. I was on a episode of that show, completely on fire and burned my thumb 3rd degree, ha ha ha!

The fine lady in the video is Fleur Vosse, a dutch ”model”.

När jag ber honom ge mer detaljer om ”modellen” har han följande att berätta:

Haha, I’m not really sure what her profession is, I think she said she runs an model agency. Toon Aerts saw her in a bar in Amsterdam, and casted her right away for a future project, there was no word of this video yet. I’m pretty sure she’s a pro-stripper.

Han låter även hälsa att man hittar bandets fullängdsalbum på iTunes.



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