Intervju: Captain Catastrophe

Christian L. Maes, mer känd under sitt alter ego Captain Catastrophe, är en minst sagt fascinerande person vars ”brinnande intresse” om ordvitsen ursäktas just är att brinna. Och om du nu för ditt inre ser pinsamma hårdrocksband som duttar lite tändarvätska på sina gitarrer eller det där puckot som ska till att visa sig på styva linan med en flaska T Gul på Midsommarafton, så kan jag rätta din mentala bild redan nu: vi pratar om ett flammande inferno få människor vid sina sinnes fulla bruk skulle försöka sig på!

Från början en extra medlem i Belgiska bandet El Guapo Stuntteam är han en kreation som fick ett eget liv och har stadigt vuxit sig till en kultperson nere i kontinentala Europa. Flitigt anlitad inom den underjordiska musikscenen är han en nostalgisk fläkt av Det Gamla Gardet, en stuntman med det lilla extra ”för mycket” han öppet erkänner kom från de vildhjärnor som trotsade all logik nere i Australien med sina dödsföraktande stunts. Vi pratar någon som har bra mycket mer gemensamt med Evel Knievel än dagens Jackass.

Lägger man sedan till att vi båda delar en nördig passion för gammal exploitationfilm, VHS-format och högljudd rockmusik så förstår ni varför jag anser denna man vara en ytterst trevlig person med sina prioriteringar på rätt ställe och klart värd att göra lite reklam för på sidan! Under veckan som gick då vi hade en hel del kontakt via mejl och chatt, främst med anledning av premiären på den musikvideo han hade en roll i, utbyttes det en hel del information och det hela ledde till nedanstående intervju. En rätt omfattande historia täckte vi en hel del ämnen så det bjuds rätt blandad kompott:

So, The International Man of Danger, according to what I’ve read read the man actually began as a small child right?
Yes, in the early 80’s, I think it was ’82, I was doing homework as the wonderful kid that I was and my eye caught a glimpse of Dangerfreaks that was on German TV at the time. An Australian TV-show directed by Brian Trenchard Smith that features all my heroes… Grant Page, Max and Dale Aspin and many more Australian stunt people doing the most awesome stuff I had ever seen. This was something else than Sesame Street! Then, the same year, I think, my parents took me to see the French Helldrivers in town, so there were cars rolling and crashing right in front of me and it made quite an impact. So first I started breaking all my toys and setting fire to my friend’s toys. And in no time I was setting up these ”huge stuntshows” in our backyard for the neighbourhood kids which almost always resulted with me running to my Mom, crying ‘cause I had hurt myself. But I did that for years….build ramps, set stuff on fire, jump off the garage roof…I really wanted to be a stuntman, I reckon I still do haha!

Was it always fire in those days or were you doing all kinds of stunts?
Fire always was involved. Fire always makes something look more dramatic and spectacular. I remember putting on three pairs of jeans, wrap a newspaper around it, set it on fire and run around the backyard heroically! Sometimes in slowmotion too, just like in the movies. Or set my BMX on fire and crash it into the family car. I was a stupid kid.

Oh yeah, BMX’s! We used to do crazy stuff with those in my neighbourhood too! Build ramps and jump over sharpened stakes – always ending up hurting our balls if my memory serves me correct ‘cause you’d always thrust forward when landing – driving our poor Mom nuts! What did your parents say about this? Were they like ”This kid needs serious therapy!” or did they see it as your creative side, calmly accepted it and just added the Emergency Number to speed-dial, hoping you weren’t gonna get too badly hurt?
Oh my parents didn’t think much of it. All the kids in the neighbourhood were doing crazy stuff in one form or another. They just weren’t too happy I burned myself or broke another BMX or something.

So how many times did you end up in hospital back in those days?
Never in the hospital, but a lot of times to the doctor’s office!

I’ve seen you mention Australian exploitation-flick Stunt Rock a lot in interviews. Tell me a little about it! Was that movie somewhat responsible for your stunt career. It seems to have influenced you a lot!
Ha,ha yeah. You can say that. It was in the early days of VHS, I had just discovered Motorhead and Iron Maiden and I would rent anything with the word ”stunt” in it, or anything I could find with a car crash or motorcycle on it. When I popped that tape in at home it was to my big surprise that it combined Rock N Roll, and stunts and I recognized some of the people from Dangerfreaks in it. So every Wednesday afternoon I would go rent it and watch it with my little niece. Me and my friends were heavily into horror already and they wouldn’t hear about watching this movie AGAIN. So my niece would not argue with me and I would watch it there. Eventually I broke the tape and the people from the videostore gave it to me, also because nobody else could rent it anyway, cause it was always home with me. I think that movie is a piece of art, like a 90 minute compilation of cool shit! Done just right. Besides that, growing up, I always had the biggest crush on Monique Van De Ven.

It’s funny, that years later I got to be set on fire in presence of the director Brian Trenchard Smith at a Brussels film fest for a screening of some of his films including Stunt Rock. Something I had to do, I was involved in some festivals here, and I mailed the people saying that they should get Not Quite Hollywood on their festival and Stunt Rock should play and Brian Trenchard Smith and Grant Page should be guests. I almost crapped my pants when they said it was okay. They could not get Grant Page to come over though. But maybe for the best, because I would’ve felt like fool being set on fire in front of him. It was scary enough to do it front of Brian and it was scary for him too. I could see him think ”what have I done?”

Anyway, Stunt Rock and a bunch of other movies by BTS and from that time are like my Star Wars trilogy, you know? Or Star Trek, I’m a Stunt Rock trekkie!

Ha, ha cool! Personally I really don’t know that much about Australian exploitation, except for stuff like the first Mad Max movie, Death Warmed Up and one I think was called ”The Quiet Earth”. Got any specific titles you think people should check out?
The Long Weekend, Man From Hong Kong, Deathcheaters, Mad Dog Morgan, Stone, Not Quite Hollywood, I say check that out first, it covers pretty much everything.

Yeah, I’ve heard about Stone actually! Isn’t that like an exploitation biker-movie that preceded Mad Max with a couple of years?
Yeah it is… Amazing film, great cast that includes some people from Mad Max, Hugh Keays-Byrne, who later played the Toecutter in MM and Roger Ward who played Fifi in Mad Max. I’ve just uploaded a stunt from that film on YouTube where Peter Armstrong takes a 90ft dive off a cliff with a motorcycle. I’ve added ”Only in Australia” in the video description, ‘cause it’s true.

So when was the Captain born?
Some night at a bar, my brother had just started El Guapo Stuntteam and my girlfriend at the time was doing some go-go, fire breathing act for them. So my brother said something like, ”didn’t you use to think you were like Grant Page when we were little or something? Set yourself on fire next weekend with us!” So I did. I made up this outfit based on Leatherface and the stunt look, helmet, fire proof hood etc..and there he was… So, yeah, a week later I showed up on stage, did the lousiest fire ”stunt” in history, but it fitted in so well with the band we kept it in and over the years, I pulled off some spectacular burns. Crowds loved it!

Cool! What other bands have you performed with?
The Dwarves a couple of times, The Datsuns, Johnny Casino’s Easy Action, ANTiSEEN

Any mishaps during these shows you wanna talk about?
Not really. A couple of years ago though, during the last year of EGST, I broke my ribs during a shitty move that wasn’t really necessary to begin with. Wanted to make one hell of an entrance, but got busted up pretty good. We did a show the next day and I knew there was something not right haha. My girlfriend was really pissed when she got me on the phone and heard I was at the beach here in Belgium instead of home in bed. Stupid birds blew my cover. I had some minor burns too every now and then. Once for a TV-show I jumped from the stage on fire through a burning table I had wrapped in barbed wire. From the moment I went through the table, it all let go from it and attached itself around me. My hands got cut with hot barbed wire. But it looked really great!

Yeah, I saw the clip on YouTube. As a stuntman, is it possible to make a living in the Belgian film industry? It’s quite a small country.
Well, I don’t call myself a stuntman. I know how to do this fire thing, but it’s really on an oldschool level. I do do some stuff they ask me for a shoot. We have a few professional people over here and in Holland. But I do get to do stuff for videos, some TV-shows and live…but always average to low budget to no budget stuff. I love it though, I could be dropped on a set for days and don’t complain.

What about TV? You mentioned the Super8 show but are there any other you worked with?
Super8 was funny. Just did a Captain cameo for those guys. Besides that, I did a children’s programme last year where they dumped me in a pond to play this flaming swampmonster with explosions going off everywhere, that was cool but shitty at the same time. No credits, no money and they made me wear everything you don’t wanna wear for a burn. But I figured, I’m in the water covered in gel and what not…with the slightest discomfort that I feel I go down. I eventually did four burns at 4am in the morning.

I don’t really know anything about ”professional burns”, so how about a list of the stuff you use?
I’m using layers, based on what daredevil’s used and sometime still use. Got some fire resistant underwear, leather and some more stuff. It’s cheap and it came handy when we would go on tour and I would do 21 burns in 21 days. Just had to go for 21 suits to set on fire! For TV they provide you with wonderful gel that’s fire proof. I wouldn’t go and try it out yourself, there’s a lot of dangers involved.

(en åsikt vi båda delar! Testa inget av de trick som publicerats på denna sidan hemma!)

And what are the things you should avoid?
Polyester, anything syntetic. I’ve made some mistakes in the early days, and this suit would burn like a Christmas tree and drip all over the place. It’s really stupid and dangerous, but what did I know. I learned along the way.

Yeah, I know about synthetic materials! I used to work as a welder and the company t-shirts would flame up burn like hell every now and then! I never came close to anything dangerous though. Ever had any close calls? A situation where you were truly scared and thought ”Shit, I’m lucky if I’m getting out of this in one piece!”?
Oh yeah! This one time in Germany, I had to walk off stage on fire into safety, so I get down and there’s nobody there!! Also the blanket and other safety material was gone! So some people from the crowd saw I was in trouble and started kicking the shit out of me, hitting the flames with their jackets and pouring their beers over me! It was crazy. Another time I came off stage – this was with the Dwarves – and again see that my safety people were not there! So I tried to cover myself with a blanket, and all of a sudden some girl jumps over the barricades and doused the flames. I was lucky! And very early with EGST some guy poured me full of gasoline. I was VERY lucky to have the fire brigade looking on. They saved me from turning into bacon.

Wow, sounds insane! What’s this ”The Convoy Connection” I heard mentioned from time to time?
A couple of years ago, my little brother told me that he met this American dude in a shop and my brother was helping him out converting some footage or something. My brother told me that this guy had worked on some Hollywood stuff. So one day, at my brother’s place, this guy and his wife showed up, we started talking and he mentioned he had worked on The Fall Guy! I was going crazy and told him about watching that show religiously! Then he mentiones Peckinpah and said ”yeah I worked in this movie called Convoy”… Peckinpah is one of my favorite directors so this was crazy to hear. So he told me everything I wanted to know. A few days later a package arrives at home, I get a signed picture of him filming up on a train for The Fall Guy. Anyway, so here’s the first of real Convoy connections. Recently when shooting the new Sore Losers video in this diner, I was talking to the owner, saying that this place surely must have had quite a history. It used to be a diner in the States somewhere and it was shipped to Holland. The guy than tells me ”oh sure, have you ever seen Convoy?” Does a bear shit in the woods? Well, all those seats and many parts of the diner were in that movie, in that big fight scene. Went home after the shoot, watched Convoy and sure enough, there’s the seats I was sitting in a few hours before and all the bar seats, the one where they cuff Borgnine onto… For a movie nerd like me, that’s something big! Also, people always seem to mention Convoy out of the blue to me. I’m gonna get a new tattoo soon, the duck from the movie that was later featured in Death Proof as well. I don’t know, it’s kinda weird. And NO I don’t think I’m crazy or something. Well, maybe a little.

Peckinpah was great! He’s one of the few directors out there who’s name I ever considered tattoing on myself! What’s your fave movie? Mine is actually Straw Dogs with Dustin Hoffman of all people. Everybody mentions The Wild Bunch but I actually prefer that one ‘cause it kinda reminds me of other rape/revenge-movies.
Straw Dogs is really amazing. One of my favorites. But my all time favorite is Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia.

And speaking of tattoos: I thought I had a lot but you’re completely covered! You have any idea how many you got so far?
Haha, yeah, I got a little one when I was sixteen or seventeen, you know, because I was influenced by the whole punk scene and NYHC stuff. Then got another one and moved to this city here where me and my brother shared an appartment with Erik from El Santo Tattoos and former EGST bass player who was just starting out. So it happened a lot when he would say, ”who wants a tattoo?”… So one day I woke up with tons of ‘em.

When did you do the first one? And how old were you?
Sixteen or seventeen. I had to talk my parents into it and got the Sick of it All logo. It’s covered now though. These days, my youngest brother is getting a lot of tattoos, my other brother has a few, and even my girlfriend has some. Oh yeah, my Mom got one recently, the initials of her three sons, ‘cause we’re such wonderful boys.

Any embarrassing ones you got? I tattooed ”Emma” ages ago but thankfully I could change it into ”Mamma”, which is ”Mom” in Swedish. Not that I regret tattooing her name but I got fed up when future girlfriends got jealous of it.
Luckily I never had girlfriend’s names tattoed, but I would put my girlfriend’s name on me now, we’ve been together for eight years now (goddamn! eight years?). Mamma would be great! I call my Mom ”mamma”! But like embarrassing tattoos? Not really I think. I do have some ugly ones though!

Ha ha! Call it ”schadenfreude” but I wanna know what it looks like! My worst is a spider’s web I tried doing on my left calf last summer after a bottle of whisky and ten beers. Please describe the worst one!
The worst one, is a Confederacy of Scum logo on my leg. It was done by a good friend of mine, it was his first tattoo. Actually it came out pretty cool looking now that I think of it. Maybe the girl on my leg, that was a first timer too. Nothing that i’m ashamed of really. It’s just a tattoo in the end.

So, when did you get into Punk and Hard Rock? Any fave bands or records you wanna mention?
Hard rock right away and then…in the mid to late Eighties…I was heavily into Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Motorhead and all my friends were some years older and into punk rock and hardcore. So I got some mix tapes or borrowed records from them and there it was. Got caught in that whole NYHC stuff and American hardcore in general. Then, GG Allin was on TV, and from there I discovered all the bands like ANTiSEEN, Cocknoose, Hellstomper, something I always stuck with. To name a few favorite bands… well, the above mentioned, Black Oak Arkansas, MC5, Rolling Stones, lots of 70’s hard rock stuff.

For such a small country Belgium had a pretty cool punk scene back in the day. The Kids were excellent! And I gotta admit Plastic Bertrand is a guilty pleasure in my household. Were you ever into that scene at all?
Nope, not at all…over here those bands are on the radio from time to time, but I always was too stuck up to watch for music in my own country. Too busy with American bands. But recently Jon from ANTiSEEN sent me a email with some links of Belgian bands and that got me interested. I found out about an excellent hard rock band called Carriage Company.

Well, I can highly recommend The Kids’ first two LP’s on Polydor Records. As well as The P.I.G.Z.! So any modern bands in Belgium you can recommend?
—I heard this story about The Kids. One of their roadies was wearing an El Guapo Stuntteam shirt and he wasn’t allowed in the van until he changed his shirt! I hated them, but I got to admit they have some good stuff out. As far as old Belgian bands go, I like La Muerte, old hardrock stuff, Mobilehead, a Motorhead cover band and that’s about it. Bands I like these days here are my brother’s new band The Sore Losers. I love Bearwolf, who remind me alot of Dead Moon, Oblivians kinda stuff, Rise and Fall, Violent City and a few other bands…

I gotta check that out. Were you ever involved with a band yourself by the way?
We had this punk band for a short time, but it wasn’t my thing to do. I’m the worst person to put on stage with a microphone. And besides, in our two month carreer we had our bassplayer in jail and I almost died from bloodloss. It was horrible, yet funny. And me and my brother who was also in the band were ALWAYS fighting.

Ha ha ha! How the hell did you end up almost dying from bloodloss?
I got really drunk and headbutted a glass bottle! I woke up at 6am in my living room bleeding like a pig. The gig was the day before around 5pm. So I had some sleep which sobered me up and I could tape the cut shut. It was a mess! I later heard I even got into a fight with the mailman, some girl fainted and a guy cried. Terrible stuff man ha, ha. But I was young and crazy.

It’s cool you mentioned Jon from AntiSeen! Are you a member of the Confederacy of Scum?
No, but I’m a big fan of all those bands. Hellstomper, Cocknoose, The Tunnel Rats, Limecell and the older stuff like Mad Brother Ward and the Screaming Street Trash, that’s the shit!! I miss picking up these C.O.S. approved releases at distros or record shops. But I got to meet a bunch of those guys over the years and am still in touch with ‘em. Having Cocknoose in my house was great, watching horrible videos and going shopping with The Cosmic Commander was really cool! And of course getting to introduce ANTiSEEN at Speedfest was a honor! It’s great that some of those guys are very supportive of Captain Catastrophy. Especially Alan King from Hellstomper.

And they’re big wrestling fans too! Me, I pretty much prefer Mexican Lucha Libre. You ever seen any of those old Santos’ movies from the 60’s and 70’s?
Oh yeah…me and one of my brothers are big fans of that. When El Guapo started he was wearing a mask all the time on shows. We even did a wrestling VS karate show that went out of control in a small bar. I bought him a book for his birthday with all the Mexican wrestlers. I do collect some of the masks. But I’m a big fan of the old ECW kind of stuff, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Sabu

Tell me a little about your documentary! Was it ever finished?
Nope…It was supposed to be an extra for the EGST dvd that’s in production for 1000 years now. I don’t see it happening. I started working on it myself, but that would be just stupid, making a documentary about myself?

Well, it would be fun to watch! Speaking of documentaries, what’s this I’ve heard about a cult in the USA that believes some celebrities are aliens?
I’m Gonna Do It Until the Day I Die is a documentary about a Detroit band called MOG Stuntteam. We got in touch on YouTube and they asked me if I wanted to be featured in it, ‘cause both stuntteam bands knew from each other and had the same attitude. So, I filmed something myself at home, sent over the tape and all of a sudden they’re showing it all over the world. I even heard from people they saw posters with the Captain on it in downtown Los Angeles. Well, it didn’t do me any bad.

And it’s about this punk band that actually disappeared after joing a cult that believes John Tesh is an alien?
Haha yeah, John Tesh is an alien! Poor guys got kidnapped by aliens… it’s really a tragic tale!

Ha ha ha, yeah it kinda breaks your heart! Speaking of posters; you have an amazing collection! Tell me a little about it! How many do you got?
I’m not sure how many, but I’m a nut for movie poster artwork. Especially horror and exploitation. I have a big pile from all over the world, I think close to 150 or so. Also lobby cards. I used to collect everything, but these days it’s just Mad Max, Stuntrock and Exterminator 1 & 2 stuff.

When did you start collecting?
Growing up we had this movie theatre around the corner with awesome double bills. I remember seeing Mad Max, Exterminator 2, lots of kung fu, Piranha 2, Evil Dead… and since I would hang out there ALWAYS, I became friendly with the owner and he gave me lots of posters. I lost most of those over the years, but I still have my Evil Dead poster, it’s framed now. Also, my nephew’s parents used to run the ultimate videostore and they would give me tons of posters. Then, I remember a trip to Brussels and discovering a store specialized in posters. I bought a Maniac and Zombie one sheet and started collecting from there.

Any ”priceless” rarities you’re especially proud of?
I’m really proud of my signed Stunt Rock and Deathcheaters posters. They are signed by Brian Trenchard Smith and Grant Page. An original Last House…, Hills Have Eyes… A signed 6ft Texas Chainsaw 2 standee…I have a pretty rare Cannibal Holocaust poster everybody wants to buy. And some great signed pictures. Those are some of my most prized possesions.

Any cool place on the Net you recommend people can find vintage posters and lobby cards?
Basically just eBay really, there are some amazing posters for sale all the time. Some really cheap, you gotta be lucky. You have some of those professional sellers who ask ridiculous amounts of money for a poster you can find for 20 bucks.

Now, posters aren’t the only thing you collect. Your VHS-collection is jaw-dropping! How many you got of those?
I’m not sure how many…at least 1200 ex-rentals and a couple of hundreds I copied back in the day. People always seem to be impressed by my video collection, but I know some other people who’s collection make my jaw drop. One of my friends here in Belgium used to have a cult videostore…he’s got a basement PACKED with videos, very rare stuff. He even has a VHS in his kitchen!

Sounds like a man with his heart in the right place! When did you start collecting?
I started collecting in the early 90’s. Pick things up at fleamarkets and videostore sales. Replace my copies with the real thing. Then, DVD took over and I was buying VHS everywhere. I remember going home on the bus with boxes and bags full of tapes.

Cool! Were they completely uncensored in Belgium back then? I remember buying old cannibal movies from Holland by mail ‘cause they were always uncensored. Plus, they never cared about the age limit!
I don’t think any title got censored over here. Dutch and Belgian tapes are still very popular. A few were cut but they appeared on a different label around the same time in all it’s glory. Pieces for example, that came out cut but got released at the same time as The Chainsaw Devil. Cut and Run was cut too…

I read something about you being in touch with Lloyd Kaufman at Troma regarding a script, whatever happened to that?
I was hosting this annual TV-show about a big film festival in Belgium and had finished a script, just a over the top comedy. Very un-PC, right up Troma’s alley. So at this festival they were there to promote Poultrygeist and I had a seat at the Troma table, with Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn and a bunch of other people, at the afterparty and mentioned I had this script. They just said I’d be lucky if they gave me 150 bucks for it. I figured, well why not, but a few days later I said fuck it, I’ll do something different with it.

So, is there a independent filmmaking scene in Belgium you can work with?
Not really, only a few kilometres away in Holland people are going nuts on filmmaking. In Belgium, it’s like they wanna come out with something award winning and ”special” right away. We have a bunch of older independent film makers though, Rob Van Eyck who made Afterman, he’s still going for it. And ”John Desert” from Rabid Grannies.

Yeah, that was picked up by Troma. Wasn’t Man Bites Dog a Belgian movie? Or maybe it wasn’t independent?
Oh yeah, probably one of the most well known. Crazy film, it was independent. Sure, there’s more films but for me personally, they’re a bit too arty. I want my films straight forward, no bullshit.

I totally agree! So, tell me about some of the stuff thats going on in Holland! Can’t say I ever really checked out the films they produce.
Actually not just Holland, but all over Europe people are making entertaining films. In Germany you have a big horror scene, France… and Holland always seemed to be one step ahead. Think of titles such as The Lift, Amsterdamned…Recently SINT! On a independent level there’s lots happening, like Carnifex, Horizonica… It’s pretty cool that Suzi Terror, former EGST go-go girl is doing special effects for lots of that stuff these days. If everything turns out great I’ll be doing some burns for an upcoming project over there, a tribute to Italian zombie movies. They’re not as stuck up over there as most of these brainwashed film students in Belgium who are a nightmare to work with.

That sounds exactly like Sweden. Too many ”arty” schmucks wasting precious celluloid on their own misguided pretensions, usually on the taxpayers expense! That tribute to Italian zombie movies sounds awesome! Got any info to share on that one?
Well it’s from some people in Amsterdam. And all I heard is that it will involve zombies on a camping site and it will get nasty! I think it are the same people who made the Nailed by Nikita trailer that won the grindhouse contest a few years ago, but I’m not sure.

Since we’re on the subject; we both share a love for old exploitation movies, gimme your Top Five!
The Man From Hong Kong, Assault on Precinct 13, Stunt Rock, Black Ceasar, The Exterminator…hundreds, thousands more!

How about Italian exploitation from the 80’s? Like Fulci or Bianchi, those guys were insane!
Those are some of the first horror movies we rented in those days…The Beyond, Zombie 2, New York Ripper! Oh yeah man…that was something else!

It sounds like we have a similar background there. Just hanging out at the video store, drooling over the covers. In Sweden that ended up generating a huge media storm about ”video violence”, did that ever happen in Belgium? Media etc. screaming for censorship, ”think about the children” and all that crap?
Man, all our videostores had stickers on the cover saying ”this film is so violent, people under 18 are not allowed to rent this”. Those were the first we rented! Nobody cared here! I Spit on Your Grave…all that stuff, you could rent ‘em without a problem. Same with movie theatres, we were very young sitting at midnight screenings of Maniac, they would show pretty violent stuff on afternoons too. We had a problem once, when Batman came out and no one under 16 was admitted. But I didn’t want to see it anyway.

Sounds like I should’ve grown up in Belgium! What’s your favorite exploitation decade?
The 70’s all the way, everything looked and sounded much cooler back then.

Yeah, when it comes to horror and thrillers it was a great decade! I know you already wrote a piece about it on your blog, but what do you consider the biggest difference between the stuff they did back then and the stuff that comes out now?
They were keeping it real back in those days and it looked like anyone with a great idea could raise the money and shoot it. Look at Gone In 60 Seconds for example, HB Halicki was in the car business and decided to make a movie and did! Did almost everything himself and came up with a CLASSIC!!! I love to read about making such movies, or stuff like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead… I have no real interest in stuff they make these days, all I read are ”executives”, ”studios”…and the ”stars”. C’mon you’re making a fucking movie!

I totally agree! All of a sudden you’ve got schmucks in suits using what I call ”The McDonald’s Formula”, where you get the same shit as always served up a billion times. The guy who directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 actually said something that rings true: great horror movies were never produced within a studio system.
From what I read, it’s true… Give a director total artistic freedom and you get something unique and special! I haven’t seen a film with the impact as let’s say Basket Case for a long time!! And also this…what happened to great soundtracks? Sure we have some great songs in movies…but what about unique scores? A great, more old school score is what could’ve saved Romero’s last three dead movies. That was a big part of the appeal of the three old ones, they had terrific atmosphere about them, the music was a great deal of that.

Yeah! I mean, look at Ed Wood or Al Adamson for chrissakes! Their movies cost five dollars to make but they still had a score! So what’s your favorite one? I’m guessing you’re a big Goblin-fan?
Goblin stuff is incredible! Especially on Dawn of the Dead! John Carpenter of course… And loads more Italian stuff, like De Angelis scores for the crime films. Lately I’m really into getting obscure scores from American exploitation films such as Money is the Root of all Happiness from The Candy Snatchers…and many more. My absolute number one favorite soundtrack of all time is Creepshow by John Harrison. Day of the Dead is great also. Impossible to pick just one… Oh and Sorcery’s Stunt Rock of course ha,ha!

And while on the subject of the difference between classic exploitation and modern day films: what’s your take on all those endless remakes that are happening now? The only good one I’ve seen so far that reminded me of the old-style splatter was 2001 Maniacs. Have you seen anything cool you wanna mention?
Not really. The remakes I like are the Night of the Living Dead remake by Savini, The Thing that was a bit like a remake…and that’s about it really. Oh wait…was Piranha 3D a remake? That one’s cool!

Yeah, everybody keeps telling me to see it. Haven’t checked it out yet. What about modern directors? I kinda like what Rob Zombie did with House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects but I’ve avoided the remakes and other than that I don’t see any modern day filmmaker that seems remotely interesting.
I loved the Devil’s Rejects! Perfect score as well! But I don’t know much about modern day directors. Eli Roth is alright. And there’s a lot happening in France. I really hate this so called ”torture porn” stuff, but Frontieres was excellent. Haute Tension, Seitan, even La Horde

Cool. So in conclusion: what’s the future plans for the Captain?
I’ve quit doing band- and live stuff in December and wanna move on to television or an actual feature film with the Captain. It’s perfect for it. But trying to get that going is a pain in the ass. They love to hand out money on prestigious bullshit here in Belgium. So I’m starting to think to take it abroad. I wrote a terrific script, screenplay, but maybe a bit too international for Belgium anyway. I’m translating that now and see what happens.

Sounds great! Best of luck on that one! Thanks for the interview!

Du hittar mer av Kaptenen på YouTube här och hans officiella Facebooksida här.



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