Min belgiska kompis Chris, även känd under sitt brinnande alter ego Captain Catastrophe, lägger utan förvarning upp följande foto på sin Facebook (FRED WILLIAMSON!!!) så grön av avund ber jag honom snabbt berätta historien bakom det. Vilken är som följer:

I was glad to hear that Belgium finally has it’s own Horror/Cult and Sci/Fi convention and when I heard the very first guests were Ruggero Deodato and Fred Williamson I was beyond excited. Of course, being a big fan of some Deadato’s work and hearing about what a cool guy he is but especially Fred Williamson. Always been a fan of the man but in the past year I really looked into the whole blaxploitation genre with Black Ceasar, Hell up in Harlem and Bucktown as my top three of favorites. Knowing about going to this convention I just figured, let’s take a quick picture and buy an autograph and that’s it. Always thought of the dude of somewhat intimidating, you know? He’s the main man! And let’s say, a year prior to this meeting I saw him in a European television special called ”Durch die Nacht mit…’ (Through the Night With…) on Arte, a show where they follow two people around through a city while they talk about their work and carreers. On a side note, there’s some good episodes with John Carpenter and that girl from Lola Rent; Asia Argento and Joe Coleman and another one with Jorg Buttgereit and Bruce LaBruce. Anyway, in that episode with The Hammer he’s in Rome with Franco Nero, another legend and as a fan, you think something like ”This dude won’t take any shit from noone. So why bother him with silly fan questions, I probably get smacked or something!”.

So the day of the convention is here. As we enter he’s the first person we see signing autographs and talking to the girls. I think Holy Shit, there he is. I decide to walk around on the convention and spend some money on dvd’s, some beers and other crap. I meet friends, have some beers and take some goofy pictures with a piece of chimney from the Evil Dead house (yeah I’m sad like that) like it was a friend of mine. I make it to the guest tables. First I talk to Rob Van Eyck, I’ve been in contact with him for quite some while. Rob is a legendary Belgian from such titles like Afterman and Blue Belgium and i’ve been promoting him on festivals and conventions I was at as The Captain, promoting my talents. So from Rob I get to talk with Deodato. I brought two posters I was thinking about selling, one for Cannibal Holocaust and one for Live Like a Cop – Die Like a Man. I show him the posters and without warning he grabs a marker and signs them both telling me not to sell them. Of course now I won’t. We laugh about the current state of horror movies and here I am in front of the Hammer who’s like ”What’s up man?” We shake hands and I buy a Black Ceasar picture for him to sign. I ask him for a picture and sure he get’s up and we’re posing like we’re the best of friends. Pretty cool huh? So…I can’t help it but ask him a ton of shitty questions, most of them I already knew the answer of but how great is it to hear them from The Hammer himself? I ask him about the ring being stolen during the shoot of Vigilante and the end shot of Black Ceasar as he’s strolling through a street, wounded in a busy crowded city. He’s answer was the best…”Because I am Fred Williamson and in those days I just have to ask and get what I want”.

We talk a little more about his movies we say goodbye, I thank him for the info and I went home a happy Captain!

Väldigt, väldigt imponerande! Och jag är fruktansvärt avundsjuk! Mer om Kaptenen bjuds det här.

UPPDATERING: Chris låter hälsa han kommer framträda på Weekend of Horrors i November tillsammans med bland annat Bill Moseley. Mer information bjuds på hemsidan här.



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